Find out why our customers love the ErgoFinger®

Erin Haley-Hitz, RDH, MS
Pearly White Prevention, Nebraska, U.S. Posted on Facebook Watch the interview on Erin's experience
using the ErgoFinger®

"I recommend the ErgoFinger® to my colleagues. This has allowed me to stay in practice without compromising my health and well being. No more left wrist or shoulder pain! Allows for me to control aerosols by holding the suction within 2cm of the ultrasonic tip along with controlling water for the patient. I have also learned how to hold the mirror as well but have learned that this device has actually encouraged me to work from all sides of the dental chair! Thanks ErgoFinger® for all of your work to help me stay healthy and for me to provide safe care for patients!"

Corina Layton, RDH
Society Hill Dental, Philadelphia PA, U.S. Posted on Instagram Watch the interview on Corina's experience
using the ErgoFinger®

"#dentalhygienists love anything that can help make their day easier and make their patients comfortable 😃 @ergofingerusa has revolutionized how I use my ultrasonic☺️ no more bulky cords or hoses, and cumbersome suctions... plus, a patient who doesn’t drown in their own saliva and water is a winner 😁 all the way from Finland is this amazing technology that allows for a neutral position to be maintained, and allows for the safe use of an ultrasonic with no risk of aerosol production outside of the mouth! #dentalhacks"

Jennifer Clark, RDH
Magann Family Dentistry, Stroudsburg PA, U.S. Posted on Facebook Watch the interview on Jennifer's experience
using the ErgoFinger®

"Absolutely a game changer for hygienists, especially during this challenging time!! This is a wearable high volume suction device that you wear on your finger!! It comes with an ultra-light cord, and is simple to attach to your unit. There are 2 types of tips--1 for ultrasonic use that has an 11 mm opening, and 1 for air polishing with an even larger 14 mm opening. It has been proven to reduce aerosols by over 90%. After watching their instructional videos, I was impressed by the ergonomics that went into the design of this product. can still use the mirror!!! I can't praise this device enough.....GAME CHANGER!!!!"

Andy Kau
Andy Kau, DDS
Andy D. Kau, DDS Inc., Pasadena CA, U.S. Posted on Facebook

"It’s been absolutely a great product for my practice. All 5 of my hygienists absolutely love it. I’ve tried numerous other devices to mitigate aerosols since we re-opened due to COVID-19 and none of them have worked for different reasons. This was the first hi-speed suction device that my hygienists grab on a regular basis. It’s completely removed their fears of using an ultrasonic scaler or polishing after hygiene for patients. Definitely a game changer!"

Susi Becdach King, RDH
Robert Moretta DDS, CA, U.S. Posted on Facebook

"I LOVE ErgoFinger®! I researched several products to use with my HVE system in order to reduce aerosols and safely use my ultrasonic on my patients. The opening for the ErgoFinger® is perfect and I’m able to use it to suction and retract at the same time. It did take some getting used to, as is true for all new things and I’m still working on the best techniques for me. But hands down this product makes my appointments flow more easily, it’s comfortable for the patients and it allows me to safely use all the tools and instruments I need for each patient, while feeling reassured that I am reducing aerosols. Patient safety is key."

Jennifer Geiselhofer, RDH
Dental At Your Door, CO, U.S. Posted on Facebook Watch the interview on Jennifer's experience
using the ErgoFinger®

"I bought two sets of the ErgoFinger® for my portable dental hygiene clinic in Colorado's homeless shelters. We love it! The suction of aerosols is fantastic, its light weight and easy to use. Wonderful product!"

Crystal M Jones, RDH, BS
Winslett and Walls Dental Excellence Wilmington NC, U.S. Posted on Facebook

"I work in an office with 5 other hygienists/hygiene assistants. We all have tried the ErgoFinger® and love it. I call it the “Dyson vacuum of HVE’s” and love that it frees up time to help with our busy schedules. The hose is super light, easy to hold and aerosol reduction is great! I haven’t tried anything else that reduces as much. We ordered one for all of us to try and are looking forward to ordering more since we got the “OK” to order today!"

Nicole Luders, RDH
Ft. Myers Dental Care, Fort Myers FL, U.S. Posted on Facebook

"I have tried them all Re leaf, the mirror, the attachment that hooks on to the HVE none of them even compare to the ErgoFinger®. There is a learning curve to them if you are not use to holding a suction while you work but once you figure it out it’s like second nature. I immediately order two more boxes after I tried it for I didn’t want to run out. Absolutely a must have for hygienists, especially during this challenging time!! This is a wearable high volume suction device that you wear on your finger!! It comes with an ultra-light cord, and is simple to attach to your unit. There are 2 types of tips--1 for ultrasonic use that has an 11 mm opening, and 1 for air polishing with an even larger 14 mm opening. You can literally see it start grabbing the saliva as soon as you place it where you need it. I use one dry angle for the upper left so I don’t grab the mucosa. But other then that that I’m good to go. After watching their instructional videos, It seemed to help as well. can still use the mirror!!! I can't praise this device enough.....GAME CHANGER!!!! Just can’t say enough about it. Trust me I’ve tried them all. I wasn’t using ultrasonics at all before this. (COVID-19)I’m still limited but more comfortable now. Highly recommended"

Bridget Bowers Dunn, RDH
Seminole FL, U.S. Posted on Facebook

"I absolutely LOVE the Ergofinger!! Not only is it easy to use, basically no learning curve, Even if you aren’t used to using a HVE it is extremely easy to use. It’s so light weight and I love that you can swivel the tip. We just purchased our 2nd round of tips and plan on continuing to use it. Great product!!"

Tammy Maestas, RDH, BS, MEd
Sabino Smiles Dentistry, Tucson AZ, U.S. Posted on Facebook

"I was so fortunate to get samples of the ErgoFinger and I am IN LOVE!!!!! It’s so easy to use and has a lightweight hose that attaches to the HVE. No heavy pull or strain on my hands or wrist when using the ErgoFinger. It captures the aerosols effectively and was extremely easy to use in the mouth. I highly recommend the ErgoFinger and will be definitely using it daily!!"

Diane Wojcik, RDH
Interlachen FL, U.S.

"I love the ErgoFinger®! It is comfortable and much lighter weight than using a traditional HVE, as well as less strain on my wrist. The ease of twisting the tip into the desired position is also easier than twisting a traditional HVE suction tip. You will be less likely to suck up a lip, cheek or tongue with the ErgoFinger®. I also like the ease of switching finger placement if I need to hold a mirror as well. Overall, I give ErgoFinger® a 10 out of 10."

Becky Bundschuh Cooper, RDH
Aspen Dental, Beavercreek OH, U.S. Posted on Facebook

"I am so HAPPY to be a product tester for a new aerosol reducing product #ergofinger. This product has the ability to make my job in this new covid world so much easier! Thank you for choosing me as winner! I will truly love this product!"

Gianny Hernandez, RDH ,BS
New Jersey, U.S. Posted on Facebook

"Hi all! I was very lucky to be a tester for the Ergofinger®. I got to use it for a week before writing this review. First, the instructions for installation were pretty easy to follow. It´s just a matter of replacing your existing heavy HVE tubing with a very light hose attachment to your unit. Secondly, using it has a slight learning curve. The first day using it I kept adjusting, sucking the tissue and bumping into teeth as if I was in school all over again. However, by the second day I felt more comfortable maneuvering it around. Once you get over that bump OMG 🙌. I even had a patient (a gagger) comment on how he loved the fact that he felt less water in back of his throat. I personally love the fact that is soft and the rotating nozzle is a plus when using. Finally, during these times it makes me at ease to know my patients and I are less at risk from the aerosols cavitrons produce."

Lydia Palmer, RDH, BS
New Image Dental, Rogers AR, U.S. Posted on Facebook Watch the interview on Lydia's experience
using the ErgoFinger®

"I got to try the ErgoFinger® this week! It is a new high volume suction device for dentistry that controls aerosols. It is very lightweight and easy to set up. I can use it when I use my Cavitron and it is really nice when polishing. It really catches the splatter from the paste."

Kim Lawrence, RDH, BA
Senior Lecturer, Southern Ontario Dental College
Ontario, Canada

"I was so excited to be able to try the ErgoFinger! I found it easy to attach to my unit and to assemble. I was amazed at how quickly I could adapt to the HVE being a part of my hand! You can easily adjust to be close to your ultrasonic and to retract tissue. I love that you can adjust the end when working on different quadrants. It was lightweight, easy to position and did not cause drag on my hand and arm. Getting back to using my Piezo was a dream. There was no sucking up the buccal mucosa or the tongue like with traditional HVE when I have to do it on my own. I teach dental hygiene and let my students try as well. They were all so impressed by the ease of use and the quickly adapted from traditional HVE. It was like Christmas in the student clinic with everyone eager to try it. This will definitely make it easier going forward when using an ultrasonic. Greatest tool in my hygiene kit in a long time!!"

Zeliha D., RDH, BS
San Diego CA, U.S. Commented on Facebook

"I was one of the lucky ones to try ErgoFinger®. It was my first day to try it today. I had a very lovely patient and she even recorded a video for me with her cellphone. She said it was very comfortable and less water was going to the back of throat. I connected it to the top of my HVE and it worked perfectly. It was very light and easy to use. The tip can extend and the edges were gentle on the oral tissues. I need more practice to master it for sure but I was pleasantly surprised to see how effectively it collected most of the aerosol at the source. Thank you for this great invention! 🥰"

Ulla Marjosola, RDH, MSc
Senior Lecturer, Metropolia UAS
Helsinki, Finland

"Metropolia University of Applied Sciences with its Oral Hygiene Degree Program recommends that oral health-care professionals use the patient-friendly ErgoFinger® HVE tip."

Jonas Englund, RDH, BS
Helsinki, Finland

"ErgoFinger® is a great help especially with air polishing, where a second pair of hands is nearly always required due to the nature of the treatment. I had the chance to use the new ErgoAirTip designed especially for the Air Polishing and I think It's very handy. The suction was efficient, and it reduced powerfully the aerosols created during the procedure."